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Become a Healthier Person by Drinking Tea

High-quality Loose Leaf Tea gives you more energy and antioxidants 
while helping you slow down and build relationships!

A Healthy Life — Physically and Mentally

Healthier Energy

High-quality loose leaf tea gives you a daily source of caffeine with less sugar and acid than other drinks. Plus you get antioxidants & immune system boosts!

Peaceful Ritual

The ancient practice of brewing or steeping tea will help you slow down and find peace. Brewing and drinking tea daily is great for your body & mind.

Better Relationships

Imagine the great conversations we share over food and drink. Tea gives you one more excuse to share your life with a friend or invite someone to chat.

The teas are wonderful! Hot or iced, they'll ask? Caffeine or not? From there, they'll help guide you into something that suits you.

Julie S.

Great little spot with reliable WiFi and excellent tea. It's refreshing to find a place that will make you a tea latte without automatically adding sweetener.

Katie S.

Perfect space to be productive or catch-up with a friend. Affordable prices for the best tea in town!

Meagan G.