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Urban Teahouse



This is our pure matcha! After fourteen years in business we make so many more matcha lattes in the shop than ever before! Matcha is a green tea ground up slowly between two granite wheels so that it retains all of its high anti-oxidant levels and gives you six hours of focused energy. Our matcha is from Japan and is of optimal quality.

Tea Type: green tea
Origin: Japan
Caffeine Level: extra (one cup of matcha has the caffeine equivalent of 6-8 cups of green tea because you are consuming the whole leaf).

Ingredients: pure matcha

Brewing Instructions

Temperature:  Matcha is not steeped at all but either whisked into water (ceremonial style) or blended into the milk of your choice or water. We use and highly recommend using an immersion blender to blend the matcha into your liquid. Be sure and place the matcha on top of the liquid, then blend it in.

Amount: 1 teaspoon per 8 oz
Time:  n/a